To update you…

AHH, where to start?

Here are some brief snapshots of what’s been going on in my life since I last updated you. I think the last time I updated you was from Goa, so my sincere apologies for that. What can I say? It’s been manic. No excuses though! And like I said, brief update…


Got back to Bombay from a wonderful weekend in Goa celebrating a close friends 30th birthday, cleaned out my desk at work, handed over the apartment-key to my landlord, and officially called South Mumbai quits. I’m sorry all you South Mumbai’ers, but…YESSSSS! Frickin relieved. Hello Bandra!



…flew back home. Well, took a flight from Mumbai to Frankfurt, and from Frankfurt to Milan. Went from Milan by car, to Turino, for a quick meeting and a short and sweet lunch. From there, back to Milan, wrapped up a five hour wait at the airport over a couple of glasses of wine, and flew to Copenhagen, then train to Sweden from there that same night. HOME SWEET HOME.

…spent four wonderful days back at my moms house, before I hopped on the train to Stockholm that following Monday morning. The weather was (IS) frickin incredible, 30 degrees Celsius (?!) and I fell in love with the city all over again. Is it OK for me to say that Stockholm is by far my most favourite city in the world, or is that selfish? Considering I’m Swedish, I mean.

…had some great meetings with clients there – because hey, I’m an entrepreneur now!!! – and met up with some old friends while I was in town. My oldest friend, Elin, happened to be in LA this particular week (sad). I managed to squeeze in lunch with Therese and Philip, and stayed with Nina and her boyfriend for three days, before Saif showed up. We  took our their new speedboat, drank rose in Fjäderholmarna, and had a meeting with one of our favourite Swedish brands on Thursday, before we got back on a six hour train + bus ride back to the southern Swedish countryside.

…on Friday WE GOT ENGAGED. Do I need to say more? Yes, I know you want me to say more, but you’re going to have to hold your horses for my next post. I’ll make it a separate one. Let’s just say, Friday May 18th is forever going to be the best day of my life. We came back to my hometown, and Saif proposed to me in what he knows is my sacred, happy place, where I am calm and relaxed and surrounded by those I love and love me back. I can’t contain my excitement, and could go on and on, so going to cut myself off here before I do…

…after a brief yet special weekend together, Saif left Sweden on Sunday for one week’s work across France and Italy. I’m back home for a few more days, and in a way its been the best thing ever. I’ve had so much time to catch up with everyone who’s been calling and messaging. Time to work, plan for my company set up, and my return. Pinterest about weddings, and doing up a home. Yes – did I say we’re doing up a home and moving there by end of the year? Gosh.


So – 2018, so far so good! So good, I almost feel scared to embrace it all. Almost like I’m scared too much good will eventually get balanced out with something less good. Pessimist/anxious person at heart, I guess. Shutting that part of my brain down for a moment and enjoying life for what it is: so, so wonderful.

Lots of love to you guys. I promise – I’m back now!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


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