It’s a girl!

Look at me acting like Swedish news platform Aftonbladet with this headline. May as well play around to get some extra clicks and likes around engagement times?


However – its not a baby (thankfully, right now) – but…it’s a laptop! A partner! A bestie, and a right hand!


So sometime in the beginning of the year, around the time I decided that it was getting close to me putting in my papers at work, I decided that I needed a new laptop. I had been using my work laptop for everything for the last two and a half years, and as I was leaving my job, it was time to invest in one of my own. I worked double hours from December to April – my full-time job, along with a couple of new projects I was taking up, to see if entrepreneurship life was something I wanted to invest fully in – and sometime around March, I finally did it! It was one of those out with the old, in with the new kind of moments.


It may not sound like a big deal to you guys – to get a new laptop – but to me it was huge. A symbolic moment of putting some old stuff behind, and moving onward, upward and forward. And first and foremost, after so many years of hustling and struggling, to be independent, to be able to afford all the expensive shit you need and want in life, to have a laptop that doesn’t belong to someone else or a company. It’s mine!


This is how happy I looked on the day I took her home! My sister told me I looked like when I was seven and got my first bike on Christmas morning – H A P P Y. It was also very early in the morning when Saif took this photo of me, which is pretty obvious as well. Haha


After taking it home, I kept it in the box for almost two months. Opened it a few times, petted it (literally), made sure it was doing alright, and put it back in the box. Not until I packed up for Sweden and left for a brief holiday and visa renewal for my new company did my laptop actually get to come out of the box…


It’s been two and a half weeks of working together now, and I think we’re a good team – my laptop and I. Saif got her a nice, brown leather outfit to match my iPhone case, too. Trying to keep her clean, healthy, and giving her as much rest as she needs in between things. And yes, obviously, its a girl.


P.S. Her name is Maud. We named her that after brainstorming some names, and came to the conclusion that the name Maud makes it feel like she’s older than me. Content, calm, confident, wise. Just what I need in life.

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