Happy midsummer!

Its midsummer today in Sweden, and it weirdly feels like it doesn’t matter to me this year. I’m usually homesick today – midsummer is my favourite holiday. Maybe its because we just got back from a lot of traveling? Perhaps its all the other stuff my head is currently spinning around. I miss my family, but I do that every day. I’m weirdly feeling totally fine about missing out on the party.

I had a nice lunch with Devika and Diva today, and now I’m back at the office getting a bunch of emails out before the weekend. My inbox is unusually read/clean: is there a long weekend in India too that I’m not aware of? I’m going to check out soon – a couple of more emails and I’m calling it a day.

Other than that I’m feeling slightly off today. Anxious. I’ve made evening plans, but I’m not really feeling like doing anything. Do you also have those days? I’m sure you do. Maybe it’s because I think that I’m not interested in celebrating Swedish midsummer, but I subconsciously feel like something’s missing? Maybe I miss my mom. Maybe I’m feeling bad about something. Maybe I’m just on a low and will swing out of it in 20 minutes. Maybe, maybe.

I think I’m just homesick actually.

Happy midsummer, Swedes!


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