A rainy Saturday

Hi lovelies! I’m much happier today. In fact, as soon as I had written that low-ish post yesterday, I wrapped up at the office and headed out for a glass of wine with two friends. I felt better right away – I really need to get better at taking breaks and not digging myself too deep into whatever I’m working on, from wedding to clients to day-to-day stuff.

I also got up and worked out first thing this morning. That always helps. After a two hour brunch at Sequel I hopped into the car to head for Maia’s spa event. It would have been the perfect day to go for a spa treatment with the girls – but the rains were so bad I turned back around after 40 minutes of trying to go a few hundred meters. This usually happens during the first month of rains (and sometimes throughout the entire monsoon too).

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 7.34.57 PM

Since I got back home, I’ve been looking at wedding inspiration on Pinterest for about five hours… I used to work at a wedding planning agency in New York before graduating and leaving for India, and planning, organising and decorating have always been passions of mine. So, if you’re on Pinterest, follow me! I have become quite active and obsessed with it since I started WAC and needed fun, interesting, inspiring content on the regular. And it’s literally perfect for wedding planning. I haven’t made my wedding boards public yet – do you think I should?

Hands up if you think I should share more wedding inspiration here on the blog (or just keep it to myself).

I’m going to go back to watching football now – Sweden just scored 1-0 against Germany: WOOO! I never get as patriotic as I get when I watch Sweden playing football!

Have a great Saturday night everyone.

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