Every day tools for anxiety

Since I moved in to Saif’s house, I realise I really miss cooking. I don’t cook here the way I used to in my flat, because just like all other Indian households he has several staff members who are constantly in the kitchen. For me, cooking is a kind of anxiety release because you have to be really focused and you can’t be looking at your phone or talking to someone while you’re in the middle of making sure your pasta doesn’t go fuck-up al dente or your meat completely dry. There’s also nothing like the satisfaction of making something that ends up tasting delicious. The look on someone’s face when they have that first bite of something you just spent a couple of hours sweating over… Instant gratification.

I have two meetings towards the evening today, and then I’m planning on making a roasted tomato and pepper soup (click for the recipe in Swedish). I have a really busy day tomorrow with a bunch of meetings, so I want to make the most of staying indoors today.

My Sunday tip to you is to not get dressed, cook something tasty for yourself, and if you want to dance/relax/feel as if you’re dancing naked in the desert with a longhaired bunch, blast music by Krishna Das on high volume. We play this and this when we cool down/stretch after a hard workout. There’s something really soothing about it. And again – good for anxiety.



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