Working off my gäddhäng…

I’ve had five great meetings today, accompanied by the loveliest, pouring rain since I opened my eyes. In fact, it was so dark outside today, I overslept until 8.30am because the sunlight usually wakes me up before the alarm does. Not today, not today… And I’m serious about loving the rains. I prefer flooded streets and cloudy days over extreme heat and humidity any day of the year…

I did weight training after a long time, and was surprisingly strong considering I’ve not worked out properly in ages. Now I’m back to my daily routines, and I intend to keep it that way. Need to get my arms toned for my big day! In Swedish we call it “gäddhäng”, which basically means fishfat. Well, gädda is a kind of fish. And the armfat is apparently very similar to the fat that hangs below the belly of a trout or a pike fish. I know because I just googled it.

Gonna get back to writing some recommendations for Paris. A friend has just arrived today and its been on my agenda to share some restaurant recos since the weekend.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.23.50 PM

“Gäddhäng? No way, these are my angel wings in resting position!”

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