Overthinking it

You know when you think about doing something for so long that it becomes a bigger deal than it actually is, and then when you finally do it you realise it wasn’t a big deal at all and you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner?

WELL, that’s how I feel about my blog. The last couple of weeks after traveling we threw ourselves back into our daily lives here, and its safe to say this is the busiest yet happiest time of my life. I can’t wait for our wedding, and every day I get more and more excited thinking about it. I cry whenever I imagine us there – surrounded by all the people we love from all over the world. I mean I always knew I was emotional but…I literally can’t even hear a love song on Apple Music without tearing up. I’m really going to have to hold my tears back throughout our wedding.

I recently ran a poll on my Instagram handle, where a whooping 94% of followers would like to get more wedding coverage on my account. So I guess the blog is a good place for it. We have ALMOST locked in on the venues for the wedding now, with some final negotiations to take place before we can start sending out Save The Dates. I’m such a control freak and prefer to get things done in a very chop chop chop manner. This process is therefore painful…I hate waiting, especially when I’m waiting to start planning the details of the most special week of our lives.

I’m sending out a small gift to all my bridesmaids this week though. There are 10 of them, spread across the globe. Can’t wait to show you what I’ve sent them! Have a feeling a couple of them may read this…so I’m holding off on the details until they’ve all been received.

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