It’s a girl!

Look at me acting like Swedish news platform Aftonbladet with this headline. May as well play around to get some extra clicks and likes around engagement times?


However – its not a baby (thankfully, right now) – but…it’s a laptop! A partner! A bestie, and a right hand!


So sometime in the beginning of the year, around the time I decided that it was getting close to me putting in my papers at work, I decided that I needed a new laptop. I had been using my work laptop for everything for the last two and a half years, and as I was leaving my job, it was time to invest in one of my own. I worked double hours from December to April – my full-time job, along with a couple of new projects I was taking up, to see if entrepreneurship life was something I wanted to invest fully in – and sometime around March, I finally did it! It was one of those out with the old, in with the new kind of moments.


It may not sound like a big deal to you guys – to get a new laptop – but to me it was huge. A symbolic moment of putting some old stuff behind, and moving onward, upward and forward. And first and foremost, after so many years of hustling and struggling, to be independent, to be able to afford all the expensive shit you need and want in life, to have a laptop that doesn’t belong to someone else or a company. It’s mine!


This is how happy I looked on the day I took her home! My sister told me I looked like when I was seven and got my first bike on Christmas morning – H A P P Y. It was also very early in the morning when Saif took this photo of me, which is pretty obvious as well. Haha


After taking it home, I kept it in the box for almost two months. Opened it a few times, petted it (literally), made sure it was doing alright, and put it back in the box. Not until I packed up for Sweden and left for a brief holiday and visa renewal for my new company did my laptop actually get to come out of the box…


It’s been two and a half weeks of working together now, and I think we’re a good team – my laptop and I. Saif got her a nice, brown leather outfit to match my iPhone case, too. Trying to keep her clean, healthy, and giving her as much rest as she needs in between things. And yes, obviously, its a girl.


P.S. Her name is Maud. We named her that after brainstorming some names, and came to the conclusion that the name Maud makes it feel like she’s older than me. Content, calm, confident, wise. Just what I need in life.


The art of switching off

What a week… I’ve moved out of my apartment, moved to Bandra, taken up new clients and wrapped up my job of over two years – all in four days. I’ve also got some really exciting news to share with you all which I found out about this morning. Stay tuned…

Now, we’re in Goa for two nights, for a close friends 30th birthday. This morning Saif and I took a 4.30am flight from Mumbai to Goa. Since we got to the hotel I’ve slept for one hour – Saif is still fast asleep. Ever since I was a baby, I’ve been really bad at sleeping. My mind is always wired – I could crash anywhere at any time, but I don’t want to.

I’ve always wondered how people master the skill of ‘switching off’. I can’t. I don’t even know if I want to? During our recent trip to Bangkok I forced Saif to carry his backpack with him everywhere we went – from shopping to breakfast and out for drinks. I didn’t use it on most days, but the idea of knowing that I could get it out and quickly send off a document or whatever else may get requested from me, made me feel good.

There were some situations where it really came handy though. Such as when we spent a few hours at a six story anime-inspired shopping mall. Saif collects these rare items from different shows he’s followed throughout his life – and he’s really into anime. I think its a really cool and fun hobby to have, and kind of secretly wish I had something like that to be really passionate about.


So, when he roamed around his anime-dreamland, I did what I do best – pulled out my laptop and got to work. Romantic? I think not… Although I think Saif was pretty okay with it. Ha ha.

What do you do to switch off when you’re supposed to be on holiday?!

My favourite lifesaver every-day apps


I have a tendency to swamp my schedule a lot. Just the other day, I was at the hair salon for three hours doing a balayage, and while I was there, I had two meetings and one conference call. Yes – I called my graphic designer to the salon while the colour was setting. This then, led me to the realisation that I would be nothing without my ability to multitask, aka – without my apps.

So, I thought I’d share my most precious app finds with you to kick off this Saturday. I use these every day, and find them incredibly useful to reduce my stress and keep my life more organised. Hopefully they’ll improve/streamline your life a bit too.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 10.47.02 AM

First off is Fantastical. Fantastical is probably the app I use more than anything on my phone – en par with WhatsApp, I think. The app syncs with all your other calendar apps – iCal, Reminders, and even picks up on events mentioned your inbox, and creates a one-stop-shop for all your daily tasks and to-do’s. You can choose between making an entry as an event or a reminder, and the best difference between this and iCal is that the reminder doesn’t go away from your home screen until you actually complete it, whereas iCal reminders disappear once you’ve unlocked your phone once. Highly recommended for anyone who relies on scheduling their day in advance, and want to offload some of the ‘must do’s’ and ‘should do’s’ in a place you know it won’t get lost. Sync your app with phone and laptop and your life is forever improved! It also tells you when tasks and reminders are overdue – thank you, thank you.


Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 10.46.43 AM

I came across this app quite recently while browsing through app store – Moodnotes. Their tagline is basically ‘capture your feelings, improve your thinking habits‘, and being someone who’s extremely passionate about mental health, this app is a god-sent. The app doesn’t have the purpose of sharing with anyone else than yourself – and possibly, if you’d like, your doctor. You upload your mood every day, at whatever frequency you wish, and thereby track of your thinking and mood patterns. I try to update once in the morning, and once in the night – it also gives you a daily dashboard where you can see the pattern and summary, and you can add details about your mood, such as % of anxiety, calmness, frustration, fear, excitement, self-conciousness, and so on. The app is really useful to just track your thoughts, just the way we track our exercise or food intake. Being a naturally anxious person, this app has become super important to me. It teaches you your triggers and reminds you stay away from (or face) them.


Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 10.46.52 AM

Trello is an app for people who work a lot through tasks and projects. The app is brilliant when you need to organise and prioritise your work, and you can build awesome work-flows for things where you need to complete one thing before you get onto the next task. I’ll explain… For example, for my clients: Board 1 can be a list of potential clients I want to reach out to, board 2 is clients I have scheduled a meeting with, board 3 is confirmed/onboarded clients, board 4 is the list of clients which I have sent a proposal to, and so on. Each flow can get as big-picture or as micro-detailed as you wish for it to be. I feel like this app would be ideal for anyone working as an entrepreneur, or more specifically, in event management.


Three more apps I recommend to organise your business/daily work –

  • Slack – for communication with your clients, employees, partners and more (literally can’t live without it)
  • Asana – to track and manage your own or your team’s work (I have done two years worth of research on project management tools, and trust me when I say, Asana is the best software out there. Flow and Zoho are also decent if you want to try something different – Zoho is especially good for app building and bug tracking if you’re in the app development space)
  • Wally – for keeping track of your personal expenses and savings


I hope that some or all of it is somewhat useful to you! If anything, Fantastical is a game-changer.

Do you have any apps which you use on the daily?