Happy early Easter

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Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Top and high-waist pant Topshop, sneakers Veja

Easter is coming up, and most schools and offices are on Easter holiday. Everyone’s excited – to spend time with family, eat good food, and decorate the house with colourful feathers and chocolate eggs.

Growing up, I was showered with love, but these holidays still have a tendency to leave me with this weird feeling-combination of excitement and a sinking feeling in the stomach. Holidays are weirdly associated with that everything should be fun and special. That you’ll be surrounded by happy people who all love each other so, very much. That it will be a beautiful, lifelong memory to look back at.

With this I basically want to say that, its not like this for everyone—in fact, its not like this for most people. With divorced parents. With one parent, or with no parents at all. With family that’s fighting with each other. When you can’t afford a celebration. Or when you’re a single parent who’s kids have grown up and moved out of the house: in the case of my own family—to a different continent. If you’re experiencing either of this, I just want to say that it’ll get better. As you get older (and wiser), you choose what holidays you want to consider holidays vs. just normal days off. It gets easier. And Swedes, lets please get better at including people. Invite people home for the holidays even though they’re not related to you by blood—Indian style.

And lastly, if you’re actually alone this holiday – use it as a time to recharge, hang around naked at home, learn spending time alone without being lonely, eat good food—not the kind you should be eating because its a tradition, but the kind you ACTUALLY love…

Podcast, fashion week and O Pedro by the bar

The other day, I did justice to the concept of ‘making the most of the day’. Except going to the office, I squeezed in a session with my two podcast partners in crime…


Yup, that’s right. We’re starting a podcast! I can’t wait to tell you more about it soon.


I actually had never met Lynn or Amrita – the two girls I’m working with on the podcast project – until we sort of randomly caught up for another meeting over coffee two weeks ago. We started talking and…well, each one of us, with a different podcast idea, decided to merge our plans and make it one.


The most amazing thing about this is that Amrita and Lynn are both members of WAC, or Women About Community – the women’s only network that I run here. Without the forum, there are so many amazing women I would have never had a chance to meet. Starting WAC was the best thing I kicked off last year. I’m so proud over what its become and how its constantly growing and evolving.

After work and podcasting, it was time to get ready for fashion week. Lakme Fashion Week is in full flare in Mumbai at the moment, and I had one special show to attend this week… 431-88 is a Delhi based fashion brand that I’ve been a big fan of for the longest time, so when they reached out to me to ask if I could come for the show, wearing something they’d put together for me – let’s just say it was an easy sell!


On my way to the show I dropped by Maia’s and Aditya’s new place, to meet their new addition to the family. Meet Bella guys! She’s such an adorable little girl. Shy yet curious and playful.


We were running late for the show, but luckily Maia’s car is so big we were able to set up shop in the backseat. I love being able to use commutes productively. Or just saving time in general.


Cameras are not allowed inside the venue without a press pass, but we managed to sneak a selfie before the show started. Prithvi, Maia and me.

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I don’t know how many times I got stopped by people asking where my outfit was from. Isn’t it so nice when women are actually not afraid of stopping a stranger to tell them that they like what they wear? Reminder to self to always do that from now on. Such an awesome thing to do!

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Maia is a frequent attendee of these type of events – she’s been a fashion blogger for the longest time now, and runs one of the biggest fashion platforms in the country. You can check out her site here.


After the show we sneaked a few more photos before we grabbed a coffee and sangria at the bar. I ended up rushing to the salon for a blow dry right after this photo, because of how greasy my hair looked in the photos. Probably one of my biggest pet peeves in life: Greasy hair.


Last but not least (and not actually last), Saif and I met up for dinner at fabulous O Pedro. I have been there once for lunch before, but last night’s dinner was even more outstanding than the first time we went…


Safe to say the best ceviche I’ve ever had.


Their cocktails are amazing too. Try their special recipe on a whiskey sour. I don’t even like whiskey and it was one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had.


Is there anything more romantic than going for a nice dinner and sitting at the bar? Saif and I usually prefer to sit at the bar together on dates even when there are tables available. You can interact with the staff, ask them questions about the food, and it generally just feels more festive than sitting down at a dining table…


The grilled lobster with orange (!) was also unbelievable…


This chorizo dish was also one of my favourites. Love chorizo.


After three cocktails and a ton of food, we went for a friends wedding function to end the night.

Safe to say, one of the busiest days. And one of the best ones, too.

Thanks again to 431-88 for having me!

Loving my new babouches from MumbaiStockholm

When I joined the company I work for as a product consultant two years ago, my very first client was an online jewellery brand. It being one of the first in India at the time, I found myself doing a lot of market research on similar brands abroad. One of the brands I ended up coming across, falling in love with, and often using to benchmark against, was MumbaiStockholm – a jewellery brand founded by a Swedish woman, Cecilia, who had spent some time living in Mumbai. Could it get any more spot on than that?

I reached out to Cecilia as soon as I found her very spot-on/perfectly-managed Instagram handle (which by the way, you must check out by clicking here). She offered to share her expert opinion, helped me out with my first questions as a brand new consultant in a brand new space, and since then we’ve kept in touch by liking each others photos and such…


Until the other day, when Cecilia reached out for my address in India, to send me a pair of beautifully designed babouches by MumbaiStockholm. The package literally arrived within one week, which is by the way literally record breaking in India. I’ve never before received anything so fast from back home, so hats off to DHL for that. Won’t be using anything else for international shipments from this day onwards.


The babouches came in this cute bag, and anyone who knows me knows how much I prioritise cute packaging. And by the way the packaging of their jewellery is actually what got me hooked on her products the first time I came across the MumbaiStockholm page.


“Hanna! I hope you love your shoes!”


I love the attention to detail, with the logo both inside the shoe…


…and on the sole underneath.


I couldn’t be more excited to be a proud owner of MumbaiStockholm’s babouches, and am so honoured that Cecilia thought of me all the way over here. My worry is always that Swedish brands will shy away from collaborating because I am based on the other side of the world. Cecilia + DHL just blew me and that thought far away. Easy peasy!


I kicked off my Veja sneakers under my desk right away and slipped these cuties on. I couldn’t think of a better shoe to wear to the office, to lunch, for a day out with friends, and while traveling. These guys will definitely get to stomp across Mumbai grounds with me this year – back where it all started for MumbaiStockholm, too!

Thank you MumbaiStockholm!