Morning party at Beyond






I woke up at 6.30 yesterday, and went straight for a morning party at Beyond, which is a beautiful studio in the midst of Mount Mary in Bandra. It’s surrounded by greenery, and is sort of hidden away from the homes and the people and the busy roads. The studio is also equipped with a steep walkway, that stretches from the gate down to the studio. It’s the perfect place for all you fitness or fit-to-be people out there. I did my first real workout in life with Cindy about three years back. Let’s just say, I’ve got a lot to thank her for.

Cassandra is another friend, who has curated these morning ‘parties’. The day started with a fitness flow session hosted by Cindy, followed by an incredible guided sound meditation. I have never successfully meditated in my entire life, but I will say, I think I succeeded yesterday. I was in this different mental space where I wasn’t sure if I was awake or asleep, and towards the end I sort of felt as if I was sinking in through the floor. Amazing! I’ve always fantasised about being able to go into a deep meditative state. Maybe this is it. Did I do it? I’m not even sure.

The morning ended in a dance party, with another friend, Armaan, playing his awesome music, while we indulged in breakfast from our friends from Kitchen Garden.

How am I blessed with so many talented friends?!

Thank you for having me, team. I can’t wait to move back to Bandra again, so that I can join more of these. And I can’t wait for the next morning party!


If you want to learn more about Beyond, check them out on Instagram at @beyondstudiomumbai, or drop by and say hello, at 36, Mt Mary Rd, Mount Mary, Bandra West. It’s in Google Maps too, for those of you who live by the app (me included).


My afternoon with Adidas #NeverDone

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I have to tell you guys about my day with Adidas yesterday! Adidas has recently kicked off a fitness campaign in India, and as a part of kicking off the #NeverDone initiative, they hosted a group of bloggers, influencers and social media kids, to a full day inspired by fitness and health.

They had set up shop in this old, beautiful mills in Colaba, which used to be an old textile mill back in the late 1800’s. The mill was fully operational up till a strike in 1982, and shortly after, a fire broke out that took out the massive property entirely. Since then, the mill is mostly used for things like shooting campaigns and Bollywood films, and as of late, its also become a popular destination for weddings and events.

It says that the mill is haunted—there are sayings about people having seen a women in a sari roam around the property late at night, and people getting possessed by evil spirits when spending time there after dark… I love stories like these, and I find the history of the space so interesting – it adds so much more character to anything and everything when you know the history and story behind it. Don’t you think?

Either way – the Adidas event was beautifully done up, and I couldn’t think of a better property to host a workout-day. When I arrived I was handed a bag of Adidas workout-wear, and got a chance to change in a fitting room before getting on with the day.

From 8am to 5pm, Adidas had scheduled workout sessions with leading fitness coaches teaching anything from yoga and tai chi to kickboxing, crossfire and zumba. My favourite was the regular bootcamp session – I find these type of workouts challenging and fun! I even joined in for the zumba class, which was a first for me. It was fun and sweaty as hell, although not my type of workout. I can definitely see how people would love it though – everyone’s stuck with a big smile on their face from start to finish. It really is impossible to dance with a grumpy face!

Thanks a ton to Adidas for having me, and congratulations on some amazing work with the #NeverDone campaign! x

Abs on abs on abs

I’ve decided to share some fun and easy workouts with you guys every now and then. I have a really fun couples workout which I’m doing with Saif at the gym this week–I’ll take some photos and share that with you as well. There’s nothing more fun than working out with your partner–whether its a friend or your girl/boyfriend. Sort of like back in the day, playing together instead of frickin adult-meeting for coffees and cocktails all the time…


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 12.24.06 PM

This a core-workout that’s super easy to do at home. My trainer Susovan shared it with me after I had asked him for something I could do every day at home, without equipment and something that wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes of my time.

Here it goes, from me to you:

[Complete the entire circuit once and then repeat again with a 30 second break in between. If you need clarification on any of the movements, go ahead and google it]

20 crossed leg crunches (Side note for this movement–keep ankles crossed in the air and do crunches by lifting shoulders off the floor/mat and going up towards ceiling. DO NOT take your head towards your knees. Take it towards the ceiling. Great for upper abs!)

30 sec/45 sec/1 minute plank on forearms (a tip is to start with 30 seconds and have a goal to increase the length of your plank over time)

10 leg raises

30 seconds hollow body hold

10 V-ups

10 side V-ups on each side

20 Supermans

Repeat circuit one more time.

Wrap up by stretching out your abs by doing the yoga cobra stretch. The awesome thing about this is that you can do it every day at home. I suggest you use a yoga mat or a folded blanket to protect your butt and lower back and avoid getting a scabbed-out tailbone…

Have fun!