This too shall pass

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Hi lovelies. Hope you are well? I have a bad case of a stomach bug/food poisoning at the moment. I had salad for lunch yesterday, and home cooked Indian food at a friends house last night. Whatever I ate, it definitely didn’t serve me well… I’ve been running to the bathroom (yes, details) since I woke up this morning, combined with stomach cramps, shivering, sweating, fever and body aches. Its been one of those sick-days where you’re actually too sick to work from home, so, excuse me if you tried reaching me today – I’ve straight up not had the energy to catch up with anyone unless its been urgent work.

Luckily I know my body fairly well, I think – well enough to know that this should pass or at least get a lot better in the next couple of days. I’ve had days in India when I’ve been so sick I’ve been crawling to the bathroom and passing out next to the toilet after doing whatever I had to do.

This too shall pass.


Feeling somewhat similar to the neighbour’s cat right now


And just like that, I’m 28


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I’m 28! Feels like a very revolutionary age. And a pretty fire-ry sign. Googled up some famous Aries personalities… Lady Gaga. Leonardo Da Vinci. James Franco. Seth Rogen!!

I always tell myself that I’m not one for birthdays, but there was something about this one that made it feel extra special. There is so much change happening in my life right now – the birthday sort of felt like an awesome day to stop and think: I’m blessed, and happy. Previously its been more like ‘I’m blessed, and hungover. Slightly depressed too actually, if I must tell.’

I had a great day though, filled with everything I love. My day looked something like this:

00.00am – brought in my birthday with a small group of lovely girlfriends, candles, pasta and wine

9.00am – breakfast with Saif. scrambled eggs, tomatoes and bacon – yum

9.45am – FaceTime with family back home

10.30am – swim and tan at Taj Mahal hotel with Saif

12.30pm – Saif left for work. I swam, tanned more, and worked from the pool

3.00pm – walked home, showered

4.00pm – meeting with a new client. fun!

5.30pm – FaceTime with family back home

6.30pm – co-hosted an event and discussion on curating and collecting art

8.30pm – met Saif at a bar, drank a beer and played some games at the bar

9.30pm – family dinner with Saif and Shehla

late night – FaceTime with family back home


I also had a chance to reconnect with some of my oldest and best friends across the world. That’s my favourite part about birthdays – the reconnecting and remembering part.

Basically – a full day of everything and everyone I love.

Thank you



Weekend recap

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I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I guess it never uploaded. Either way, here’s a snapshot into my weekend…


I started my Saturday morning with a 9.30am meeting. Remember the project I told you about recently, that I can’t really talk about? We met to discuss that project.


Lynn, Amrita and I had a breakfast meeting at the Village Shop that lasted until it was time for me to leave for lunch…


Then I met Saif for a delicious salmon with truffle oil, mushrooms, micro greens, lemon, and baked sweet potato. It was as tasty as it looks and sounds!


And got a chance to catch up with my love. As long as either of us isn’t traveling, we have at least one meal together every day – sometimes two (or three).


After lunch I took an Uber and went to check out the Stylecracker market at the racecourse…


Shehla had a stall there so I spent some time hanging out with her team and chat with a few customers…


My friend Arpita’s brand was set up right next to Shehla’s…


Then I had a glass of sangria with my friend Shaan. Shaan organises all the food for Stylecracker’s events. We do so many work collaborations together, but we never get a photo of the two of us. Sad I had to ruin this by talking to the photographer…


Then I ran into beautiful Anushka, who was also set up at the market, to showcase her new brand collab. They make these super cute pouches which you tie around your waist. She’s wearing one in the photo…


On Sunday morning my camera died, and the charger was left at home. I had brunch with Saif and Shehla, and by afternoon I got restless and went to check out the Lil Flea market with Paulina…


It was SO crowded. I’m quite impressed with how well organised the market is. It was my first time visiting, but I’ll definitely be back…


They had these quirky signs put up all over the festival/market area…


There was a live band playing, and people were hanging out picnicking, eating, drinking and having a good time…


They even had a stall where you could rent your favourite boardgames and play in the grass somewhere with friends…

Then my camera died again, so that’s that. It was a fun weekend anyhow – lots of flea markets and food.

Now it’s Tuesday and it happens to be an extra special day today… X