How do you deal with stress?

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When I have too much in my head and life, my brain sort of shuts down and I start doing weird things like googling symptoms of uncommon diseases, or the most beautiful beaches of 2017, or best herbs to grow at home, or the meaning of life according to different religions. That’s literally what I’ve done the last couple of days, instead of checking off my lingering list of to-do’s. I add a task to my to do list, and get back to one of my random (and unnecessary) tasks.

Quite irritated with myself. What do you do to manage or cope with stress when you have a lot going on?

Anyway, here’s a list of the best herbs to grow in your kitchen. I dream of my own herbal garden in my next home. Speaking of which… I’m moving out in two and a half weeks. I should probably start packing?

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Top-3 best & worst things with my week so far

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Good morning!

I’m at my usual morning spot – Sequel, in Kala Ghoda. I’ll really miss having my solo mornings here when I move from Colaba back to Bandra… Because yes, that’s what’s up! As a part of my process of resigning and starting off on my own, I’ve decided to move back to Bandra. I absolutely love my flat, but I’m never home. Except for having my office this side of town, I spend about 4-5 nights home every month. I could technically stay in a 5-star hotel once a week for the same money I pay for my rent.

So, in the middle of proposals, full-time work, a fashion shoot for Saif’s sister’s brand, and some meetings for WAC, I’m going to see some more flats today with my broker. May as well do it all in one go, right?

What else is new? Below are a few of my thoughts on some recent high’s and low’s…

3 worst things about this week so far

  • My stomach. It’s consistently bad. Not even bad – it’s terrible. I did a bunch of tests and everything is clear/pointing towards lactose intolerance. I’ve tried cutting out dairy entirely this week… What is even weirder is that my stomach tends to get better the second I leave Indian soil. I won’t even change my diet. Is it the air?! Seriously. Stay tuned for progress update…
  • I still haven’t booked my ticket home, because I’m waiting for an update on some visa related stuff. I’m dying to go home, and I miss my family. It would be so nice to be home for Valborg (a Swedish tradition where we celebrate spring)
  • The flush on my toilet broke. Every time I flush my bathroom gets flooded. I guess this is a very silly problem to have – so I’m blessed, really. Blessed with a leaking flush.


3 best things about this week so far

  • All the changes that are happening in my life right now – I feel so happy, light and energised! It’s like I’ve been waiting to get here for so long, and now it’s finally happening. Slightly scary, but so exciting.
  • My business cards! I may have driven my graphic designer mad in the process, but I’m so excited about my new business card design. And we’re redesigning the logo for WAC. Showing you, soon!
  • It’s my birthday next week! On Tuesday, in fact. Saif and I are trying to decide whether we should go to Bangkok next weekend, for a mini-getaway. If work allows, that’s what we’ll do. Please share all your Bangkok recommendations with me!
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Coming up next: A fresh start


So, you must be wondering what happened to me. I’ll explain.

Over the last one month, I have been crazy busy. I worked my full-time job Monday to Friday, picked up a couple of side-projects, signed up for a few photoshoots, launched my ambassadorship with Adidas Women, hosted three events for Women About Community, worked on a project I’m launching with two other women in May, and started writing on my book to be able to meet an upcoming deadline. It’s been busy, to say the least. This whole time, the blog was always really important to me, but its also a place where I’ve committed to being completely honest with you, and because of a couple of circumstances, I wouldn’t really have been able to. The idea of writing here without being able to genuinely tell you what I’m up to and what’s been going through my head seemed less appealing than not writing anything at all.

I think it was somewhere around the time I went to Germany that I realised: it’s time, and with that in mind, I kicked off my one-month resignation period last week. I’ll tell you more about it eventually, but for now what I can tell you is that I am very happy. I have really enjoyed my job and my work over the last couple of years. At the same time, lately, I have also been fighting every inch of my body, for craving adventure, risk, and opportunity over stability and comfort. Over time, I’ve been working on things which inspire and motivate me, as extras, side, or passion projects. The entrepreneur in me has been needing and wanting more, and now its finally here. The time has come.

Sometime around early/mid-last year, I hit a bit of a personal/professional unhappiness-peak with a bunch of things in life, and since then I’ve been actively working towards putting myself in a position where I’m not just content but actually thrilled and excited to be. And that’s where I am now – a pinch my arm to see if its real kind of feeling.

So let’s see – who knows where this is going to take me?

Just kidding. It would be very unlike me to not have a pretty clear path lied out for what’s up next…