The Italian riviera on my mind

I have a long to do list today, but I spent all morning looking for places to visit in Amalfi when we’re going there in August. My oldest friend Ted is getting married to his Cibella. Well, they’re technically already married with the cutest one year old on the planet, but this August is when we’re finally gathering to celebrate them etc.

As usual Saif and I booked our flights and hotel very last minute – one month before departure is our average. Really need to work on that…I’m pretty sure we could go on twice as many holidays per year if we just got better at planning our traveling well in advance. This trip is also a bit of a stretch – but well worth it, I assume.

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We’ll flying from Mumbai to London for two days for a couple of meetings with potential new clients, then from London to Milan. I’m definitely picking up some on-the-go sandwiches from one of our favourite places – Bar Luce, Pave or Pasticceria Marchesi are the best in Milan!

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From Milan we are taking the train straight to Naples, which is about 4.5 hours. We could fly too, but both Saif and I prefer train over flying any day. We can get some work done on the way, and its usually more comfortable. From Naples we’ll be taking a car or train to Amalfi.

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We’ve booked a one bedroom Airbnb on the cliff of Amalfi, right next to the hotel where the wedding will be. Everything nice in Amalfi in August (with one month notice…) was around 800 Euros a night (!), and we’re paying around 180 Euros per night for this apartment. It looks super cute in the photos – fingers crossed that it is in reality too. We’ve gotten pretty good with our Airbnb game though. Saif has become an expert, and he’s obsessed with his Airbnb ranking and making sure its as good as a five star comes! Every time we leave an Airbnb he takes out the trash, cleans up the place and makes the bed, haha.

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We have 5 nights in Amalfi before we return for one night in Milan on the way back to Mumbai. I’ve never been to Amalfi, and I’m so excited to go! I want to go Amarone wine tasting, have incredible local pasta, and homemade Italian everything. I want to swim in the clearest of blue waters, have a glass of chilled wine and watch the sunset, party with our friends until early morning, and wear breezy dresses to escape the Italian summer heat. Have I lost it? I think I have. It’ll be my first official summer holiday in like…ten years, aside from Sweden. Otherwise, we always travel in the spring, fall and winter.

Lovebugs, please send me all your Amalfi recommendations! X

Happy midsummer!

Its midsummer today in Sweden, and it weirdly feels like it doesn’t matter to me this year. I’m usually homesick today – midsummer is my favourite holiday. Maybe its because we just got back from a lot of traveling? Perhaps its all the other stuff my head is currently spinning around. I miss my family, but I do that every day. I’m weirdly feeling totally fine about missing out on the party.

I had a nice lunch with Devika and Diva today, and now I’m back at the office getting a bunch of emails out before the weekend. My inbox is unusually read/clean: is there a long weekend in India too that I’m not aware of? I’m going to check out soon – a couple of more emails and I’m calling it a day.

Other than that I’m feeling slightly off today. Anxious. I’ve made evening plans, but I’m not really feeling like doing anything. Do you also have those days? I’m sure you do. Maybe it’s because I think that I’m not interested in celebrating Swedish midsummer, but I subconsciously feel like something’s missing? Maybe I miss my mom. Maybe I’m feeling bad about something. Maybe I’m just on a low and will swing out of it in 20 minutes. Maybe, maybe.

I think I’m just homesick actually.

Happy midsummer, Swedes!


Time flies when you have fun

Today we’re celebrating one month as an engaged couple. Safe to say, its been one of the, if not THE, best month’s of my life.

So after an incredible ten days in Europe, its time to return to Bombay. We are blessed with a number of trips this year, and I’m really not complaining – that being said, I’m also a bit of a home-rat and nothing goes up against a good routine. Both Saif and I agree that although the trip has been incredible, we also can’t wait to get back to working out, working and sleeping in our own bed. I have been working while we were away, but I also need to get back to things like finalising the setup of my new company’s bank account, have in-person meetings with clients, and of course, figure out when and where our wedding is due to take place. We are set on doing it by the end of this year, but at the same time we don’t want to rush it. If any of you have experience with planning your own wedding, I would love to hear from you! I used to work in wedding planning back in New York City while I was still at Brown, but its suddenly so different when planning your own vs. someone else’s.

As you can hear, you have a lot of wedding chatter coming up. Hope you don’t mind… I promise I’ll try to keep it interesting.

Speak to you from home! I’m going to take this flight to write recommendations for London and Paris. So many of you have reached out asking for our recommendations – well, hold tight, it’s coming up soon!

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