Michael Nyqvist

Yesterday, we lost one of the most beloved and admired actors of all time, Michael Nyqvist. I can’t really explain why I feel so incredibly sad by these news–I’ve always been deeply touched by the characters Michael represented throughout his career. Relatable, honest, real. According to a number of news sources, Michael battled lung cancer during the past one year.

This is a song from one of my favourite films in the world, with Michael as one of the main actors. I think its translated with subtitles into so many different language–simply because of its pure brilliance. This song from the movie, by Helene Sjöholm, is also so special.

“I want to feel that I live
And all the time that I have
I will live as I wish
I want to feel that I live
And know that I am enough
I want to live happily for being me
Be strong and free
See how night turns into day
I am here and my life is mine alone
And the heaven I thought existed”

Isn’t life so weird to think about? Someone who was here just yesterday is forever gone, today.

Michael, you will be greatly missed. Thank you for everything.


Good morning!


This morning, I woke up from the sound of heavy rain outside my window. There’s something so soothing and calming about raindrops knocking on the glass of a window… I laid there for over an hour, read the news, then, attempted to do some breathing exercises which were recommended to me by a physio. It’s interesting how someone working with muscles and body movement recommends breathing exercises to heal muscle-related issues. Breathe in slowly through your nose, fill your stomach with air, then, let the air move from your stomach to your chest, expanding your chest with a deep breath. When exhaling, breath out slowly through the mouth. After just 2-3 minutes of breathing this way, my head feels lighter, my body freer, my mind…clearer. It’s such a simple exercise to do for yourself – I really need to get better at prioritising these little things.