Scratching the surface of my workday in Bangalore

I promised you I’d give you a peek-hole into my day today. Never promised you it would be that exciting, but I would like to show you guys all aspects of my life – not just the pretty or tasty ones.


I set my alarm at 7.30am this morning, snoozed for 45 minutes. A pretty normal morning for me when I don’t have a workout planned. Well I did, but I woke up and called the reception to find out that they don’t have a gym at this hotel. Weird. Also the empty, untouched bed belongs to my Swedish friend Paulina – she’s checking in with me here tonight since we’re both in Bangalore for work this week. Fun and meant to be basically.


I changed about four times because I felt like everything I was wearing seemed inappropriate. Bangalore isn’t as ‘western’ as Mumbai – at least not the outskirt areas where our clients are based. I also work with pretty much only men, so generally I try to be slightly aware of what I wear to office – especially when its external meetings. Nothing skin tight or short short – considering I barely own any of either, it shouldn’t be that difficult…


Headed upstairs for breakfast and browsed the menu, although I already knew what I was going to order. Scrambled eggs, fresh tomato, fruit and coffee. Every day if I get to choose.


I worked through my inbox and made a few calls while finishing up my first meal of the day…


Then I caught a ride with this sweet fellow to the office. In my experience, the first rickshaw driver in Bangalore who’s willingly turned on the taximeter instead of trying to negotiate a randomly high price. Also willingly posed for me.


Our office is basically a villa turned office space. It’s a really beautiful property – the terrace on top is perfect for lunch or coffee outside when sitting inside all day gets too stuffy. Pictured here is just the second and third floors…


The second floor is where the main office is. It’s still a work in process. Obsessed with the blue carpet though.


My favourite plant, bougainvillea, covers most of the exterior of the property.


After a few hours at the office, we packed ourselves into my colleague’s car and headed towards one of our partner’s offices. It was about an hour long drive – we had expected it to take longer, but there was some sort of holiday here today which made traffic a lot less hectic. Thank you holiday.


The project I’m working on right now is in the tech space – it’s me + 15-17 guys maybe. We’ve got a really awesome bunch pictured here – Sankalp and Kedar, who head our design team.


After a 5 or 6 hour long meeting, we hopped back into the car and turned back towards Indiranagar. Indiranagar is like Bangalore’s Bandra West – younger, more happening, and with a nice selection of bars, shops and restaurants. Also where my hotel is located. And our office, for that matter.


I came home to find Paulina’s bed still being empty. Women with long days and hard @ work basically. We decided that I would stay back at the hotel because I was too tired to put my sneakers back on after 9pm. Paulina would join me ‘at home’ after dinner hours…


Instead I walked to a hotel bar and ordered a salad and a homemade beer on tap. Apparently Bangalore is big on brewing beer – who knew?


Tasted way better than it looks.


When my laptop died and my salad finished, I went up to the room to continue to do some more work. I found a selection of treatments in my suitcase and decided to do a face mask.


The mask is from FACEINC and is absolutely ridiculously good.


It also helps to brighten up anyones mood, considering most people love unicorns. Although I don’t personally do really.


Left here with a face soft as a baby bum. If anyone’s going to Europe anytime soon, please look for these face masks, for yourself. And maybe one for me…

Now, Paulina just walked through the door. I’m going to put down my laptop and call it a day to catch up with her. I’m so happy it worked out this way – we’re both here on work trips this week, so when we found out over the weekend I immediately turned my single room into a double. How great? So great.

Sleep well everyone!

One week in Bangalore & Munich/Stuttgart recommendations



Hi lovelies.

I just finished up three days of wedding attending, and yesterday I touched down in Bangalore for one week of work. For those of you who have followed me for a while, you’ll know I used to spend almost every or every alternate week in Bangalore for a good year and a half, while working with one of our clients here. It’s nice to be able to be back for a brief time period, rather than a full-time type set up.

I’m just finishing up a couple of tasks over breakfast at the hotel before I’m leaving to the office for the day. I’m spending first half of the day in our office, and second half in our partner’s office, so it should be an eventful day (including lots of traffic). I’ve brought the camera with me by the way, so I can update you guys with a-day-in-the-life-of tonight when I get back to the hotel.

The weather in Bangalore is gorgeous and I love being able to sit outside whenever I’m here. You don’t get slapped with the same heat and humidity you do in Mumbai, and if only by a little, its slightly less crowded…

Finishing off my breakfast and heading out of here. I’m invited to go for a trip to Germany soon by the way – more details to come for you guys this week. But my question is, has anyone been to Munich or Stuttgart? And if so, do you recommend spending an extra day there?

Would love your thoughts and recommendations for when I go!

Italian business






As if the last couple of months of traveling, between Jodhpur, Copenhagen, Sweden, Udaipur and Goa, weren’t enough, I’m currently finding myself on a flight between Amsterdam and Milan. I’m about to spend a week between Milan, Florence, Rome and lastly, Paris. I’ve never been to Italy before, but I’m convinced I was at least half-Italian in one of my past lives. The actual reason for going is some personal business, which unfortunately I can’t talk about on the blog right now.

The flight from Mumbai to Amsterdam was stress-free. I watched TED Talks, took notes, ate popcorn, had a glass of wine, worked a bit, and slept. I think I slept about 6 solid hours.

I was always of the opinion that Business class was a waste of money. Until I flew Business class. Now I know, it’s worth every penny and every dime, to sleep on a flat bed, wearing a pyjamas and ordering food whenever you want. I also watched half of What Happened To Monday and kind of really liked it. It’s half lame, half great, if you know what I mean?

Going to devour my in-flight lunch now. Lasagna and good olive oil, in honour of the Italians.

If you have any recommendations for either of the cities, I’d love your thoughts on what to do, where to go, and what to eat.

Ciao for now!