Woke up in Shoreditch


Friday in London! We woke up around 6am today – a standard habit for me while I’m traveling to Europe. I don’t know whether its the time difference, or the sunlight, or the pure excitement of being here, but I can’t sleep in until a decent hour no matter how late I go to sleep at night. Either way it works well for me, because I have time to work out and check off some work before the day starts.

Our hotel is as beautiful as last time we stayed here. Shoreditch House is perfectly located in the centre of Shoreditch. I can’t wait to go check out some of the stores in this area, and I’m also dying to go back to Notting Hill. One of my favourite stores is located there – Raey. We’ve not figured out when it makes sense to go that side, but we will. I will!

What else? We need to start thinking about some sort of engagement celebration when we’re back, and of course, when and where to have our wedding. I wouldn’t consider myself very stereotypically ‘girly’, but when it comes to my wedding, I’ve dreamed, fantasised and planned every shape and form of it for like…ever. Right now we’re looking at getting married as soon as November, but we may also wait for another year. So many decisions to make, but I promise I will keep you guys in the loop here on the blog throughout all the decision making. It’s important for me to finalise a date and place soon though, so all my close friends and family can have the ability to be there. I ain’t getting married without my girlfriends! (Also I can’t even believe I’m getting married!!)

I have a meeting this afternoon with a Swedish company that’s based here, and tonight Saif and I are going back to one of our favourite restaurants in London – Barrafina.

Have a lovely, sunny Friday afternoon!



Blogging while traveling



The last few weeks have been overwhelming and exciting, to say the least. I had the opportunity to spend 2.5 weeks back home with my family, while also working and getting my new company up and running. It’s a luxury I never imagined I’d be able to have, but that I’m incredibly grateful for.

A lot of you have asked me for recommendations for Stockholm and Copenhagen this summer. I have worked out a long list of recommendations the way I did for London – I think I’m going to get a bit more serious on the blogging while traveling piece. The only thing that stops me, honestly, is the fact that its so time consuming to upload photos from the camera, to the phone, to the laptop, to the blog. For some reason my FujiFilm doesn’t connect to my new MacBook. Does anyone have the same problem? It wasn’t working when I was using my old MacBook Air either…

I’m traveling to London in June for some meetings and some fun, and I would love your recommendations on some good coffee shops or daytime restaurants that are good to work out of. I don’t mind noise and big crowds as long as there are plugpoints, wifi and good coffee. Preferred areas are Notting Hill (love!) and Shoreditch – but I’m flexible. I’m staying at Soho House in Shoreditch by the way, so I guess that will also serve well as a temporary office.

If any of you missed my London guide from our last trip, have a look here! I think I’ll try to keep building on that too, while I’m away.

The art of switching off

What a week… I’ve moved out of my apartment, moved to Bandra, taken up new clients and wrapped up my job of over two years – all in four days. I’ve also got some really exciting news to share with you all which I found out about this morning. Stay tuned…

Now, we’re in Goa for two nights, for a close friends 30th birthday. This morning Saif and I took a 4.30am flight from Mumbai to Goa. Since we got to the hotel I’ve slept for one hour – Saif is still fast asleep. Ever since I was a baby, I’ve been really bad at sleeping. My mind is always wired – I could crash anywhere at any time, but I don’t want to.

I’ve always wondered how people master the skill of ‘switching off’. I can’t. I don’t even know if I want to? During our recent trip to Bangkok I forced Saif to carry his backpack with him everywhere we went – from shopping to breakfast and out for drinks. I didn’t use it on most days, but the idea of knowing that I could get it out and quickly send off a document or whatever else may get requested from me, made me feel good.

There were some situations where it really came handy though. Such as when we spent a few hours at a six story anime-inspired shopping mall. Saif collects these rare items from different shows he’s followed throughout his life – and he’s really into anime. I think its a really cool and fun hobby to have, and kind of secretly wish I had something like that to be really passionate about.


So, when he roamed around his anime-dreamland, I did what I do best – pulled out my laptop and got to work. Romantic? I think not… Although I think Saif was pretty okay with it. Ha ha.

What do you do to switch off when you’re supposed to be on holiday?!