One week in Bangalore & Munich/Stuttgart recommendations



Hi lovelies.

I just finished up three days of wedding attending, and yesterday I touched down in Bangalore for one week of work. For those of you who have followed me for a while, you’ll know I used to spend almost every or every alternate week in Bangalore for a good year and a half, while working with one of our clients here. It’s nice to be able to be back for a brief time period, rather than a full-time type set up.

I’m just finishing up a couple of tasks over breakfast at the hotel before I’m leaving to the office for the day. I’m spending first half of the day in our office, and second half in our partner’s office, so it should be an eventful day (including lots of traffic). I’ve brought the camera with me by the way, so I can update you guys with a-day-in-the-life-of tonight when I get back to the hotel.

The weather in Bangalore is gorgeous and I love being able to sit outside whenever I’m here. You don’t get slapped with the same heat and humidity you do in Mumbai, and if only by a little, its slightly less crowded…

Finishing off my breakfast and heading out of here. I’m invited to go for a trip to Germany soon by the way – more details to come for you guys this week. But my question is, has anyone been to Munich or Stuttgart? And if so, do you recommend spending an extra day there?

Would love your thoughts and recommendations for when I go!

A semi-misinterpreted interview

I was interviewed for a Swedish content/entertainment platform sometime over New Years Eve. It was over an hour long interview about motivation, passion, drive, hard work and personal baggage, over a call while I was in Goa with my family.

The article was published a month back, but the reason I still haven’t shared it with you guys is because I feel like it sincerely doesn’t reflect the conversation we had. Or at least, that I thought we had. The interview was deep, long and personal, but somehow I don’t feel like it did justice or captured the things I was hoping to communicate: The beauty of struggling, hustling, fighting for what you need and want in life.

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”Det är stökigt, smutsigt, högljutt och fattigt.” Svenska Hanna Strömgren, 27, kom in på prestigefulla Brown University i USA och kunde få jobb över hela världen. Men hon valde Indien.”

The intro above reads something along the lines of “Hanna was admitted to prestigious Brown University in USA, and could have gotten a job anywhere in the world. Still, she chose India.” Somehow I feel like this has a semi-negative undertone. I had the world in front of me at the time, and I chose India because it was the most interesting, exciting and attractive opportunity.

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“Hanna Strömgren har inte haft den där vanliga uppväxten som de flesta svenska 27-åringar har upplevt. När hon var fem år fick pappa Jonas jobb i Saudiarabien och familjen flyttade dit och stannade i sju år. – Plötsligt var vi i ett väldigt extremt land med mycket restriktioner om hur vi skulle klä oss och jag och min syster fick inte gå ut utan manlig eskort, berättar Hanna. Trots det väcktes hennes reslust där och väl tillbaka i Sverige hann Hanna inte ens spendera en månad hemma efter studenten innan väskorna packades.”

Then the article talks about me not having had an ‘ordinary’ childhood, and how despite me living in Saudi with all these ‘restrictions’ in life, I still, despite that wanted to go abroad again as soon as I had the opportunity to. The restrictions the article refers to were actually incredible opportunities to grow, learn and take interest in a culture and society so different from where I was from. It’s thanks to that experience I developed this need and urge to travel.

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“Hanna älskar landet, trots olikheterna till Sverige.”

“Hanna loves the country, despite the differences compared to Sweden.” So, I love India for all the differences that it brings, compared to any other place I’ve ever been in the world. Because of the differences, not despite of them… It’s because its so different, challenging and crazy different from my home country, that it inspires, motivates and kicks my ass every single day.

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Hannas Indiske pojkvän är en stor trygghet som gör att hon stannar i Mumbai, beskriver hon.”

Then the article goes on about how my boyfriend is a huge support for me, which is what makes me stay in Mumbai. Although Saif is obviously a huge part of my Mumbai life – or THE part, and the best kind of support – there are SO many reasons for why I choose to live here. Boyfriend and culture are two big reasons. Challenges and constant personal and professional development, are others. I just feel like this is also framed kind of weird.


Oversized tee H&M, pants Ganni

“Även om det är tufft i Indien råder Hanna alla att testa på att bo utomlands.”

“Despite it being tough to live in India, Hanna advises everyone to try out living abroad.” OK guys! It’s because its tough to live in a foreign place, where you don’t speak the language, don’t really initially get the culture, and aren’t at all comfortable, that you should live abroad. There’s absolutely nothing unfortunate about it being tough to live abroad. It is tough, whether you do it for one month or five or ten years, but that’s the point, and that’s what makes it special.

I’m generally not critical of this stuff, and have only expressed gratitude and appreciation for anyone who’s ever asked to interview me or share my story. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sincerely grateful for every single opportunity. But, I do think its important that the undertone and attitude of the article reflects the positivity, encouragement and excitement that I truly feel about my years abroad, and the life I’m blessed to live every day. It’s not ever easy, but it’s always worth it.

Either way, thank you to Baaam for interviewing me, and thank you for shedding light on the importance of living abroad!

Swedes can read the full article here.

Decisions, decisions

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.38.34 PM

WAC, or Women About Community, has been growing over the last couple of months, and I need to dedicate some time to set up some revised ‘rules’ to make sure everyone is happy. There is a fine line between receiving a happy medium amount of invites, questions and content, and overdosing on notifications from the group. I’m trying to make sure everyone’s posts are catered to and heard by as many as possible. But I’m also constantly working on improving the way the group operates. When there are four or five posts of the same type of content, let’s say an ad for a yoga retreat, or a healthy cooking class, I can’t approve all, but I also can’t approve just one out of many. Does that make sense? I’ve decided to hold all ads and invites until I’ve finalised on a structure for it.

Today I’m feeling extra bad because I know a lot of girls are waiting on getting their posts approved. If you are a WAC member and you’re reading this while waiting for your post to get approved – please hold on for another day! I’m figuring out a couple of things by tomorrow, then I’ll be sending out a message to brief everyone about how ads and invites will work going forward.

I just need to sleep on it first.