A Sunday by the pool

Could life get much better right now? Don’t think so. I don’t think I’ve been this happy or relaxed in my entire life – I barely dare to think or say it because of the fear that I’ll jinx it or something. I feel confident, secure and happy. The last ten years have been an off and on ongoing ‘battle’, and throughout the last 6 months its almost as if the pieces have started falling into place again. Weird, but exciting. Of course I still get anxious and worry about the dumbest of things, but its got nothing up against the genuine happiness bubble I’m currently in.

We’re kicking off this Sunday by the pool at Shoreditch House. It’s 26 degrees at 11am, I’ve just worked through a bunch of emails and 69 (!) unread WhatsApp messages on my phone. This is something that’s been a main source of stress for me lately by the way. WhatsApp. I can’t delete it, but I need to find a better way to mange it so that it doesn’t give me heart palpitations. Anyway – first world problems. I’m going to go back to enjoying my late morning black coffee and my fiancé the British sun. Ha ha.

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!



Another day another meal plan

We make very specific food plans while traveling. I’m a very spontaneous person, and feel sort of claustrophobic when my day gets too boxed in with plans and commitments, but when it comes to food I’ve learned to trust Saif’s decision making.


Yesterday, we kicked off the day with breakfast at Shoreditch House, where we’re staying. Saif had his favourite – eggs Benedict – and I had an avocado toast. Soho House in London makes banging breakfast, both in Notting Hill (at Electric Diner, where you can go even if you’re not a member/staying at the hotel) and here in Shoreditch. The membership-only club doesn’t allow photography inside, so except the meal-shot, I wasn’t able to capture the vibe for you. Its an excellent place to work, eat and catch up though.


After breakfast we walked around Shoreditch. I had an afternoon meeting scheduled at 4pm, so we grabbed a quick lunch at Bleeckers Burgers in Spitafields Market – the one burger place I follow on Instagram. So good! If you love burgers, this one is a must-try.










After lunch and a 2.5 hour meeting/catch up with an old friend, Saif and I met up and made our way to Soho. We walked around exploring the area for a while, before getting in line at our favourite restaurant – Barrafina. We come here once every time we are in London. It’s the world’s only walk-in/no reservations Michelin star restaurant. I’m really NOT a Michelin star restaurant kind of person, but the Spanish tapas + incredible wine + relaxed vibe + wonderful staff makes it…to die for. The wine in the photo is one of the best wines I’ve ever had–we drink it every time we come here. If you’re into heavy, full-bodied wines, this wine is going to become your best friend.

Yesterday was a Friday night, and packed – we waited in line for two hours before we got to sit down at the bar and enjoy another incredible meal. So worth it!

So today – another day, another meal then. Today we have The Breakfast Club, Palomar, and some local Italian place on the menu. Might sound slightly crazy, but life is food and food is life I guess. Blessed!