My Saturday

Hi cuties! I started my Saturday with 45 minutes of meditation, after which I packed up my weekend bag and left for Bandra. Bandra is this area in Bombay, about 17 kilometres from Colaba (my neighbourhood). It’s a young expat hub, with loads of restaurants, bars and cafes, bringing people together from all parts of the city.


I met my friend Kshitij for lunch. He’s one of those very few people you meet and after 5 minutes of barely knowing each other, you feel you’ve known him your entire life. Humble, genuine, funny and kind. We caught up on life, ordered a glass of sangria to share, and two salads…






Saif came by, and we spent some time trying to teach him how to use his camera. Showing him where the take-a-photo-button is, etc. To be fair, these fancyish cameras have so many tricks and functionalities! Definitely not for the weak minded…



Isn’t Kshitij so photogenic? It’s not possible to snap a photo of him looking anything but great. And we have to give a little credit to the venue–Pali Village Cafe has such a nice vibe going. It’s one of my favourite places in the city in terms of ambiance.

Now, I’ve just come by Saif’s place. I’ve made myself comfortable on the sofa, while writing in my book and having some tea. Tonight I’m seeing Paulina–we’ve decided to meet and do our own mini-Midsummer dinner tonight at home. We had both forgotten that Midsummer was this weekend, and yesterday when I spoke with my family, I was suddenly reminded of one of the biggest Swedish holidays of the year. Lukas, one of my best friends, is also in town. He’s Danish, so it’s only right that we all get together to celebrate. I’m buying flowers, and am in charge of the potato gratin. My favourite dish in the world, btw!


Daily Dose of Vitamin C


Started my morning with one of these. Raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, organic basil and orange – all the vitamins I need to kickstart my morning. Well, that and a double shot Americano to go. Its so hard to find good berries here, and the ones you find will basically cost you an arm and a leg. Need to figure out if there are local farmers who do like a delivery thing where I can get some good ones sent home every week without going broke in the process… Berry vendor suggestions welcome!

Events in the making


I’m having a friend over at my place today and we’re planning a few upcoming events. I love having a million things going on, and events is one of those things I’ve chosen to focus on in my spare time because it doesn’t collide or crash with my actual job. We have an event coming up at the St. Regis hotel on Friday two weeks from now. I can’t wait to tell you all about it as soon as the details are finalised!