Carb battles

IMG_1671This may just turn into a food blog while I’m going at it with my daily life. I just love food too much to not share. Yesterday we both finished work late, and by the time we finally met up for dinner, time had ticked all the way to 10pm.


Saif ordered one of their best pasta dishes and it looked delicious

For those of you who don’t know already–about 1,5 years ago, I went for my first fitness class. I’m not exaggerating when I say I had never worked out properly once in my life prior to that–I didn’t know what a good workout was. Once I got really into it, I also started noticing a lot of positive changes with myself. From head to toe (literally), I was happier, fitter, more energetic, optimistic. Now that I’ve kept at it for a while, I can safely say, as much as its about a good workout, its about learning to pick my carb-battles. Knowing when its worth a french fry and when its not. Knowing what to balance out my creamy pasta with. Avoiding when possible.

IMG_1670So last night was one of those meals. Where the entire menu screams pasta, but you just know, its not meant to be…

IMG_1674…lucky me, the salmon at Celinese is delicious.

IMG_1672And then there was the meat platter. Nothing goes up against a meat platter with cheese. Nothing.

After dinner we watched another episode of Fargo, season 2. The second season is almost too intense for me to watch. I had to get up several times to take deep breaths and move around at the fear of fainting! Scary movies with a lot of violence just gets to me, can’t describe it. But the show is great – so good I can’t stop myself from watching…


Welcome to my crib

I often receive requests from friends back home about how and where I live. I think the general expectation seems to be that expats live in gated communities or in corporate housing, with a swimming pool and private gym. Although that sounds like all sorts of lovely, I’m proud to say I stay in a 1.5 bedroom flat in an old heritage building in Colaba. I’m especially excited about it because its a stone throw away from my office–the building next to it is where I work, and I think its safe to say quality of life doesn’t get much better than that in this city.


This is a shot of the street right outside the building. A little ahead on this road is a little stand where I buy basic supplies like water and toilet paper. On my right side is my office, and on the left, my home. Quite convenient, to say the least!


This is the building where I stay. I’m lucky because the tree sort of protects the street view from my balcony, so in the event that I’m wearing headphones or earplugs I can actually pretend I’m in a tropical, peaceful (non-honking) place…


And this is the entrance of the building, taken from the inside. The plastic chair belongs to the watchman. Check out all those wires! One of them is guaranteed for my wifi connection…


…loads of fake flowers are “planted” at the entrance…


…the elevator is apparently also over 100 years old. I rarely take the elevator as I like to take the stairs whenever I’m not carrying something too heavy.


On the second floor of the building is a gym, and some other random shops and offices. Clearly spitting in hallways is a big thing here–I’ve never understood it or why people would, but its more often than not highlighted in staircases and corridors.


Rs. 50 fine for anyone who spits or litters in the staircase! Rs. 50 equals about $0.70.


I’m a big fan of the flooring in the building, and I have the same tile-style inside my apartment. Although it may not look like much, these colonial-era Art Deco/Gothic/Victorian buildings in Mumbai are truly special. Most of these buildings are in major need of renovation–I have a feeling there will be a lot of residential building issues (more than there already are) in a couple of years. The overall condition is, as you can see, rough. Still, beautiful, and perhaps totally in their own way.  I recently read somewhere that, Mumbai, after Miami, FL has the second largest number of Art Deco buildings in the world…

A deeper look inside my home coming up eventually!


boys equal girls, and vice versa

A while back I did a shoot for a friend’s soon-to-be-launched t-shirt brand. We met at Starbucks early morning on a Saturday, shot until lunchtime, and celebrated with pizza and beer afterwards. I’ve never been too comfortable in front of the camera, but with the right team, photographer, and a relatable cause, it was a lot more fun than comfortable than I had initially expected. Can’t wait to show you guys the entire shoot soon — we have to wait for the brand to officially launch before we can publish the remaining images.

Have a look at the brand intent below. So important and relevant, and especially exciting to be a part of, myself being a woman living in India, a place not known for its gender equality efforts. We’re doing our part though – one initiative at a time. Check out their site here to learn more about their cause.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.26.22 PM